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Mission Impact Teams

We encourage everyone at FCF to experience an Impact Trip. A short term Impact Trip provides wonderful opportunities to partner with missionaries on the front-lines of ministry and to encourage and thank them for their diligence for Christ.


Our short term trips are called Impact Trips for a reason. The impact is not only on the people you meet and with whom you share the gospel and encourage, but there is also an impact on your life as you gain a new perspective on life as you serve the Lord alongside others and fulfill the Great Commission — Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.


These trips enable us to work hand-in-hand with believers from different cultures through evangelism, work projects, and needed services. Through this partnering, we are able to gain a global view of God’s work. Pray how God will have you join


Costa Rica

Our sister church in Ortega, Costa Rica was started by Pastor Guillermo Bonilla in 1998. Our first contact was in 2008 when our missionary in Costa Rica was introduced on a discovery trip.  We started sending Impact Teams in July 2010, when we did our first VBS for the children in Ortega. In the past 9 years we have helped with youth leadership training, provided clean drinking water, constructed a two-story addition with a community cooking center, and held various evangelistic events.


Since 2010 we have been sending teams to Ecuador that have ministered in different capacities. In 2018 we hosted our partners, David and Monica Proaño, here at FCF where they held their gospel-oriented presentation for the Kidzlife group and in the main Sunday service.




Pastor Luc St Felix Is our primary Haitian contact. Pastor Luc is a Haitian pastor with a powerful testimony of being rescued as a baby from the practice of voodoo. In 2011 our first Impact Team traveled to help with reconstruction after the major earthquake in the country. A team has returned each year since then mainly doing medical missions, holding clinics in some of the remote mountain villages with churches started by Pastor Luc. Pastor Luc has started over 40 churches throughout the country of Haiti and has a pastoral training center in Port-au-Prince.


These trips are open to men who would like to impact communities throughout Nicaragua by pouring into the lives of the pastors of churches in those communities. Those who go will teach lessons that are provided in a curriculum that FCF has used at the Bible Institute for 2 years, and help prepare the meal and teach a Bible story during the class time at our feeding center in Managua. The feeding program is located in the heart of Managua near historical sites and the Oriental Market. 

Since 2003 we have been sending teams that have ministered in various capacities, including assisting in construction of churches, working in orphanages and Christian schools, feeding underprivileged children, having VBS in remote villages, and teaching the Bible at the Bible institute in Sebaco, north of Managua. In 2013 the Hearts Across Borders child sponsorship was started and is now serving children in Sebaco, Nicaragua.




In 2013, our first Impact Team went to Uganda under the leadership of Horizon International. The first trip that year involved teaching a group of 25 pastors, holding a pastors’ conference in Kasese and ministering to children orphaned through the AIDS pandemic in Africa. In the same year, we started out with Hearts Across Borders sponsorship of AIDS orphans through Horizon International. Horizon serves AIDS orphans throughout the continent of Africa. Pastor David Glaze met Horizon’s Missions team facilitator in one of his first trips to Nicaragua and has developed a long term relationship.

In 2014, The Kuyasa Kids Choir performed during worship services at FCF, resulting in our church sponsoring 30 orphans in Rugendabara. Since then we have sent a team each year to the village of Rugendabara to minister to children there.

In 2015, FCF donated $25,000 to Horizon Int’l to secure property, where a desperately needed school was built. Faith Christian Fellowship has continued to minister alongside believers in Uganda to encourage and build up the church in Rugendabara through our yearly trip to help instruct and bring the gospel to children with Vacation Bible School.

In October 2017, we also helped to minister to caregivers and other women in the community through a Women of Worth conference.

East Asia

Most of East Asia is not accessible since 2020. We continue to support workers who have had opportunities to make relationships with believers in East Asia. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in East Asia who many suffer ‘Extreme’ Persecution.

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