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Fulfilling our mission as a church—to find, grow, and multiply those who love God and love others—requires regular interactions with others. Various opportunities are available for every member of the family, at all ages. Together, they all represent our Connection Places at FCF. We hope the result is relationships built around the practice of leading and following one another.



FCF offers plenty of Connection Places for adults. Some are specific to men, women, or families; some are determined by age; some exist for purpose of topic or emphasis. Click below to gain further information about each.

Adult Education


FaithKids is the overall name we give to the various Connection Places for children, nursery through 5th grade. Most of these happen on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, with some special events a few times yearly.

Faith Kids


Switchback is the overall name we give to the various Connection Places for students, 6th-12th grade. Some are specific to gender and age, while others are for all students.



Almost every Connection Place at FCF is for both members and non-members, and membership is not only for a few, but for all who need and want deeper ties to this particular, local church. As you become more acquainted with FCF, you may want to use the link below to understand what membership means here.

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