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Switchback Student Ministries is all about community. We love to spend time together whether we are sitting around doing “nothing,” away on a trip, or studying God’s Word. We have a solid group of students and leaders that are welcoming to everyone that walks in the door. It is our goal to provide a comfortable and safe atmosphere for students to be themselves and open up.

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Sunday Morning's

9am - 10am

Within FCF's Education Hour, Switchback offers a Sunday morning study for students. Every Sunday we meet in "The Barn" to hangout and dig into God's Word. Students enjoy this time to catch up with one another to start their week and to dig deeper into the lesson from Wednesday, or continue a study that is unique to Sunday mornings.

SB Sunday Monings
Youth Group

Wednesdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Wednesdays are prime time for making a connection! Our Youth Group puts emphasis on building strong relationships with one another, as they grow in their relationship with Christ. On a normal Wednesday night, we hangout, play games, sing, and explore God's Word! We are blessed to have a close group of students that are always excited to welcome someone new.

If you are looking for a place to make new friends and grow in your relationship with Christ, Switchback is the place!

SB Youth Group
Special Events

At Switchback, we take everything seriously... including having fun! Our awesome group of students is always looking to get together and do something fun. We provide students with opportunities to connect and experience new things.

All of our special events outside of weekly meetings are designed to either connect students or serve others, but always to bring glory to God. Join us as we experience life together!

SB Special Events
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